Sunday, 26 January 2014

To Spank or Not to Spank, That Is the Question!

Hello, Everyone!

I've written my post for the over 30 weeks, until last week when I couldn't get out of bed. This flu season is really knocking me down! It's been three weeks now that I've gone from a viral to bacterial infection. I hope the antibiotics I'm on right now do the job!

Being sick gave me a chance to catch up on all my favorite cooking shows, as well as, some trashy reality shows. I was reading my daily Facebook page when I came across something that caught my eye! I started scrolling down to read comments from people and couldn't believe what I was reading! This was my comment," 
I  cannot believe all the nonsense I've read about spanking! First of all, spanking your kid in the butt should only be happening around their terrible 2 and 3's. If you've done your job properly as a parent, then there is no need to spank them after that! We need to teach our children about respecting adults! This is what's missing in our world! As a n educator, I find it difficult to teach children who have never been disciplined, who've never had anyone talk to them in a firm voice! OMG! What is wrong with parents these days! DO your job and teach your children values and respect so that one day they can be normal adults! PLEASE!

I think what the problem here is that many parents feel that raising their voice to their child when necessary will scar them for life! We have too much new information out there about disciplining children. Don't get me wrong, some advice is good, but most of it is utter nonsense! Children need to learn to respect others and to treat others the same way they want to be treated. They need to be held accountable for their actions and that there will be a consequence for their actions. We all know empty threats don't work and that the punishment needs to fit the crime. If you're going to give your child a consequence for their actions, then you need to follow through with the punishment, otherwise they will never respect you as a person. Remember, you are the parent, they are the child! This doesn't mean that you cannot have a relationship with your child. Find common interests and use this quality time to strengthen your relationship with your children.

To spank or not to spank, this is the question! One comment I read made me laugh so hard, I fell off the couch. This person said, "We start out spanking our child on the butt, then they grow up thinking  a spank on the butt is not enough, so they hit their child on the hand, and before you know it we are physically abusing our children! How extreme was this person! I believe most parents know the difference between a gentle spank to startle their child's bottom, from a "whopper" that would send their child flying across the room! I remember the only time I ever hit my children in the face. They were having their bath (2 years old) and I was extremely tired from work. I asked them to stop screaming and of course they ignored me! I slapped them both in the mouth at the same time and they started crying. Seconds later, I started crying with them, and they immediately stopped and looked at me with a puzzled look. They said, "Mommy, why are you crying?" I guess I didn't hurt them that much...It hurt me more! We are all human and have our share of bad days. As long as we recognize that "spanking" should only be used when children are very young and only on their bottom!

Let's stop blowing everything out of proportion and over analyzing everything! Think back when you were young...did your parents give you a spank here and there? Are you traumatized or did you learn to respect your parents and all adults? Exactly!

Why have we changed the old ways? I think our grandparents and their parents before them knew a thing or two about raising children...they had on average 7+ children...

Let's look in the past more and learn to use this knowledge to raise our children just like our parents raised us.

We didn't turn out that bad, did we?

Let them go through their terrible 2's, unpredictable teens, unexpected "light bulb" moments that will confirm what you already know...

You are a good parent!

In the meantime, laugh with your children, hug each other every chance you get, never go to bed mad and without saying, "I love you."

In a blink of an eye, they will no longer be children but adults, ready to make a difference in the world...

Have you done your job as a parent and given them the necessary tools for adulthood?

Only time can tell...

God Bless,


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Put the Golf Balls First In the Jar!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry about the late post, under the weather, yet again! It's been a shaky start to the new year, but I'm sure things are headed in the right direction.

I read an interesting story that was shared on my Facebook page which inspired this week's post. Here is the link

Remember the golf balls because when all the sand and pebbles are gone, all you are left with are the golf balls!

Make a promise to yourself for this year and from now on that no matter how stressed your life gets with the small stuff, that you don't forget what's important in your life, your family, your friends, and your health!

Laugh every day many times have we done this and how many times have we promised ourselves that we will remember who and what matters most and brush aside the trivial things in life? I know I have, many times, and something always happens at the right time in our lives to take stock of what really matters! Like a sudden death in the family, an unexpected illness or expected broken marriage!

When these things occur without our control, we stop and reflect...

Forget the stress of your job, leave it at work and deal with it tomorrow! No job is worth it!

Spend time with your children, laugh with them daily and always remind them how much they mean to you. Never go to bed upset with anyone who matters. You never know what tomorrow brings!

Bake cookies for your grandmother, your uncle, and spend some time listening to stories of the "good old days." I never get tired of those stories, but lately I haven't made time for the ones who mean the most to me! Call them on the phone and tell them you are thinking about them and miss them dearly!

Put the golf balls first and let the sand and pebbles wash away with the tide...

A true measure of happiness and self-worth is what we are all looking for...

Guess what? It's right in front of you...

Love passionately, laugh daily, live life to the fullest, and most of all...

Eat, drink, and be merry with those who you hold closest to your heart!

God Bless,


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Che Sarà, Sarà, Whatever Will Be, Will Be!

Happy 2014 Everyone!

It's a new year, a new beginning, to make a fresh start, to do better than 2013! It's been a rocky 2013 for me, many twists and turns, good times and bad, unexpected but welcoming moments!

Che sarà, sarà, whatever will be, will be! Words to live by for all of us! What's the point of stressing over things in life that we have no control over? But we do, don't we? It's human nature for us to assume the worst when bad things happen in our lives. We become negative, we take things out on the ones we love the most, but this is our way of processing what's going on. Once we get our frustrations out and vent for hours and hours to the ones who are always there for us, no matter what, the real work begins...
Whatever will be will be #ming
Learning to deal with unexpected news in our lives is hard to do. Just take a deep breath and keep telling yourself, "I am too blessed to be stressed and things will work out even in the darkest moments."

Make 2014 your year! Your year of being the best possible person you can be! Try not to sweat the small stuff, the stuff we cannot control, and soon enough, those unexpected events won't knock you down as hard anymore! And let's not forget about the support we get from family and friends when bad things occur. Don't they just drop everything for you and are by your side til' the end?

Count your blessings, let us be thankful, love and laugh every chance you get!

This is your life, this is your time to make a difference, to put a smile on a stranger's face, to perform random acts of kindness, to keep family traditions...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...Happy New Year!

Make it count,