Monday, 17 February 2014

Mom Sets the Tone!

Happy Family Day! (for us in Canada),

I hope everyone had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the people who mean so much to us: our family!

"Mom sets the tone", is a post I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago when I was sick in bed, yet again! (

A woman was talking to her sister who lives 3,000 miles away and venting her frustration about her family and how they were driving her crazy! This line left me pondering about how my mood affects everyone around me...She quietly said, I know how hard it is, but you have to remember that a mom sets the tone for her household.  The mood of your family will ultimately reflect your own.  If you are crabby, they will be too.

How true is this! I didn't believe this until one day when I was having one of those bad days when everything and everyone around me made me mad. My husband gently grabbed my shoulders and told me, "When you are in a crabby mood, the rest of us feel it and it brings the whole household down." It was a "light bulb" moment for me and I realized at that moment that my husband was right! 

It's me that sets the tone in my house! It's you that sets the tone in your house! Moms make the world go round, don't they? We are nurturers, that make everything better! We kiss those "booboos" all better and know exactly what to say and what not to say in any situation! We will do whatever we need to do to protect our family! Our maternal instinct is ready 24-7!

Ha, you know that's right!But, we have our other side. The side that sends everyone in our home running, taking shelter! The side that brings out those 'demons" we try so hard to keep hidden away deep within! Why does this happen? Because, we believe we are supernatural beings that can be the loving mother, devoted wife, the one that everyone counts on! We are very good at multi tasking and for awhile we are able to juggle a multitude of things and it feels great when we feel in control of our life...

Until we've overextended ourselves, once again, and begin spiraling downward until we crash and burn, bringing with us, everyone we hold closest to our heart: our family!

Breathe, take a break from the situation, and don't make it worse! Realize you are angry right now, but this will pass, as it always does, and understand that you are human! Play a game, clean something when your blood is boiling, or do what I do and "bake yourself happy."

Whatever it is you do to bring you back to that wonderful place in your mind, the place that humbles you and makes you realize that life is too short to spend it miserably...Get there as soon as you can, and try to stay in that wonderful place, as often as you can!

Set the tone in your home to be one of peace, tranquility, stability, and above all...Love!

Happy Family Day!