Friday, 27 September 2013

I Am Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

Hello again,

I was pinning the other day, in search of a perfect dessert for Thanksgiving when I found a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake. I haven't tried it out, but judging from my track record with Pinterest, I have yet to find a recipe that wasn't delicious! I want to thank this website not only for the recipe but for the inspiration for my next post, "I am too blessed to be stressed!"

Sometimes when life throws you one curve ball after another, something happens to let you stop abruptly and take stock of the good things in life. This happened to me the other day while looking for a cheesecake recipe. Usually when I choose a recipe, I like to read the person's blog and the story behind the featured recipe. Tracey was talking about the stresses of Christmas and all the preparation that goes into planning for a perfect Christmas, which of course includes baking. She mentioned how that even if Christmas gets stressful, count your blessings and if all else fails, eat cheesecake!

This phrase has stuck with me all week and I intend to try very hard to remember it when life gets too hectic. I am trying to prepare my children for adulthood by encouraging them to communicate their fears and frustrations to me so that I can give them the tools to deal with the everyday stresses of life. Easier said then done, especially when they see their mom having mini meltdowns. I explain to them that this is my way to deal with stress. I have to get it out verbally and then I begin coming up with a plan to do something about it, rather than just complaining. Children learn from example, so I intend to reiterate this advice to my children every chance I get. 

One, two, three, four...Oh, sorry, I was just counting my blessings! I have plenty to be thankful for and so should you! This Thanksgiving, start a new tradition with your family and ask each of them to share why they are blessed. I am sure that if you are truly blessed like me, you and your family will share special moments together and this will be a tradition that everybody looks forward to each year.

So when life becomes stressful as it always does, remember to take a deep breath, close your eyes and begin chanting, "I am too blessed to be stressed, I am too blessed to be stressed." Before you know it, all that stress will melt away and all that is left is a better you. Now you are finally living life to the fullest and seeing the glass as half full.

Counting your blessings, precious moments with those who matter the most, and laughing more with your children.

Life is good...never forget it!

God Bless,


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Calling All Parents!

Hello, everyone!

One of the hardest and most rewarding jobs is being a parent. Growing up, I always believed my parents were tough on me and didn't let me do anything. I remember telling my aunt that I wished she was my mother...I was 12 and didn't know what I know today.

My parents are the most loving, selfless, and dedicated parents and grandparents. They taught me strong family values, how to be respectful of others, and to take pride in every job I had. When I wasn't obedient, I got a few slaps.  Did this damage me as an adult? Not at all! I learned the most important life treat people the way I wanted to be treated and that's with respect.

Having my own children made me realize why my parents did what they did. They made so many sacrifices for us growing up and still do to this day. All the words of advice that my parents gave me when I was growing up (I wasn't listening much then), I am telling my children today.

Today, times are different. Parents are different. Parents feel that being their child's friend rather than their parent is better. CALLING ALL PARENTS!!! Where are you and what are you thinking? Our job is not to be our kids' friends, our job is to make our children independent adults, with strong family values and morals, that are respectful, trustworthy, and caring.

Kids today are growing up with too much. Kids today have too much information. Kids today are not kids long enough!

Why are we taking their childhood away so soon? Why are we letting them decide what to say and what to do? I've met many children during my teaching career who tell their parents what to do and the parents let them decide everything. Why? Because we don't want to hurt their feelings and feel that spoiling them will make them love us more!

Guess what? Kids are little people. Treat them like little people.Show them respect and they will respect you. Our kids need us to teach them right from wrong. We need to make them aware of the many dangers that exist today, and keep them safe. We must also allow them to make their own mistakes and learn from them in their own time. We must always tell them that we love them no matter what, even when we are disappointed in them.

So why do parents today tell their children that they are great at everything, even when they are not? Why do parents today never make their children accountable for their actions? This generation of children are growing up thinking they are entitled to everything, that it's always about them, and that they can disrespect anyone because they were never made aware that this is unacceptable in the real world. They will get a huge shock when they reach adulthood and realize that life is hard or will they?

Not if mommy and daddy will always bail them out and never allow them to take responsibility for their actions.

Is it too late? Not at all! Start by giving your kids two choices. From the time they learn to say that two letter word "NO!", this is the point in their lives that they realize they are in control of us. For example, tell them,"You can wear red socks or blue socks." This makes children feel they have a choice, and they never know that these choices are really made by their parents. From the moment they disrespect you, this is the moment you explain to them this manner of speaking is unacceptable. Once children learn from a young age that they are accountable for their actions and that their actions have a consequence, they begin their journey to becoming an independent thinker and doer.

Parents, close your eyes and imagine your children as adults...Are you proud of them? If you answer, "Yes", then you are doing your job as a parent. Trust me, your kids will thank you one day for being tough on them, and allowing them to make mistakes and take responsibility for their actions.

I did. I even apologized to my mom for saying what I did to my aunt. My mom is the most dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother. She has taught me unconditional love.
A little something for my precious three daughters that I do love more than life itself...

Our children, our future!

Teach them well and let them lead the way!

God Bless our children!


Friday, 13 September 2013

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!

Hello everyone!

This week has been an emotional roller coaster ride that I wasn't planning on boarding but had no choice in the matter!

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, that we are all destined to follow our chosen path, and that there is someone, or in my case, many people, watching over us, when bad things happen.

Do you believe in divine intervention, or in guardian angels? I do! I  have lost many loved ones over the years, who are now my guardian angels! I've had many experiences occur in my life that could not be explained and in hindsight, I have come to accept that some other force was at play.

Life throws us one curve ball after another. Some we catch and move on, while others hit us with a full force and send us on a tailspin, feeling motionless and unable to process what has just occurred.

When God closes a door, he opens a window. Have faith, things will get better! How many times have we heard these words? I have and yet it is sometimes hard to believe that things will get better. But, they always do. Do you know why? Because when we are surrounded by family and friends who are supportive when bad things happen to us, we feel a sense of hope, that anything is possible, that every obstacle will be overcome, and that every "cloud has a silver lining."

I am thankful that the turmoil in my family this week has passed, that all is well, and that things can only get better! The power of prayer and guardian angels is a wonderful thing!

Take a deep breath, count your blessings, don't sweat the small stuff, and remember to never go to bed mad at anyone, because you never know what tomorrow will bring...

God Bless!
I will never let you fall..
I'll stand up with you forever..
I'll be there for you through it all..
Even if saving you sends me to heaven..

                                                    RODS :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

My "Oh My Gosh" List!

Hello again!

Summer vacation is done, the kids and teachers (me alike) are back at school! I'm not one of those parents singing the Staples jingle, "It's the most wonderful time of the year...they're going back" since this also includes me.

This week has been a week of reflection, of self-discovery, of a new journey. Expect the unexpected in every "nook and cranny", around every corner, because you never know when someone will do something unexpected.

I had this happen to me this week by my children. As parents, we try our best to raise our kids with values and morals, to respect everyone, and to apply all this knowledge one day when they become members of our community. I always tell my children, "It's what you guys do when I'm not around that counts." My first "Oh my gosh" moment occurred on Tuesday evening. I didn't realize then that this event would become an 'unexpected' precious moment. I wanted to spend some quality time with my sons after their first day at school, so I decided to take them for ice cream to celebrate their first day of grade 7. The unexpected moment happened when Michael pulled out his wallet just as I was about to pay and said, "Mom, I'm buying you ice cream!" I couldn't believe my ears!

In a blink of an eye, I realized that my boys were on their way to adulthood. Where did the time go? Just yesterday, I remember taking them home from NICU after they reached their target weight of 6lbs.

The second unexpected moment happened on Thursday. I called home and asked the boys to walk over to McDonald's to meet me for dinner. I watched them from a distance as they crossed the street, holding my breath with every step they made, and trying not to hinder their independence. After dinner, Joseph realized he left his hat behind. As he was reentering McDonald's, I witnessed another 'Oh my gosh" moment. He opened the door for an elderly woman. When he returned to the car I commended him on his good manners and exclaimed, "Joseph, you just got 100 points on my "Oh my gosh list!" The look on his face made my heart skip a beat! I decided from this moment that I would begin my very own, "oh my gosh list" for myself, to remind me of what really matters.

 Unexpected moments happen all the time, and yet it's the worst unexpected moments that seem to affect us.  Why is that? We have lost sight of what's important. When these moments happen, we must grab onto them tightly and enjoy every unexpected moment as it unfolds before our eyes...

Don't blink or you will miss it!

Enjoy every moment,