Sunday, 26 May 2013

Keeping Family Traditions

Hello, everyone!

I am excited to start my first blog, so please be patient with my "ineptness." Is that even a word?  Okay, why this blog? I have been on a journey for a long time and have discovered two things: Family is everything and Life is too short! I've been teaching preschool children for over 20 years and have been so busy inspiring young minds that I forgot to do things that inspire me...hence this blog!

I started my journey last year when I had a few medical scares...MRI's at 2am...walking down that long hallway at the Breast Cancer Clinic...thankfully all is well!

This was an eye opener for me...Life is too short! can change with a blink of an eye! I think we can all relate, we as mothers are selfless...we put everyone first...we expect nothing in return...but we do lose ourselves along the way...

Wake Up and Smell the Petunias! This phrase has been used in my classroom for many years and by many of my little  'friends'. I want to make my first dedication: To all the children I inspired along the way...who inspired me to see life through their eyes...and to finally after all these years inspire me to practise what I preach  and be "the best possible person I can be!" Thank you!

I did wake up one morning and realized that instead of complaining, I should do something for myself. The best place to start is to to set goals for yourself. Choose goals you can stick to...something small like organizing your closet...I find that clutter makes me crazy! With four men in my house, keeping a house organized and tidy deserves a separate blog.

I have to commend my husband who didn't mind clutter when I met him and is now bothered by it. He recently organized a room in the basement, his "Man Room" and not your typical guy room with a big screen T.V. He's not into sports like your average guy...this is what I loved about him when I met him...I tell Michael all the  time...if you can play the guitar and cook...girls will go crazy! On one side of his room are his musical  instruments and on the other side is his new passion...making these little computer thingies using "Arduino" that can tell you the temperature, turn lights on and off...anyway...enough about that. My husband has told me for years to find something that inspires me, that I can be passionate about...something to keep my mind young!

I finally listened to him and decided to do something about it! Thank you for that hard kick that finally knocked me over!

Now, back to our goals and the purpose of this blog!

Set a goal, attain it and move on...It is possible to achieve more than one goal at a time! "Heaven to Betsy"'s about multitasking!

Okay, the purpose of this blog! I recently discovered Pinterest and became inspired! I made my first specialty cake for my husband's birthday and he loved it! I realized from that point that cooking for others and watching them smile after the first bite is PRICELESS! What a great feeling...I immediately started pinning everything relating to food and since then have many recipes under my belt that have become family favorites!

I have two goals: Run the Mississauga 1/2 Marathon next May and begin a Family Book with recipes old and new and traditions that have been passed on from my grandparents...lots of pics of the kids cooking with Nonna Anna and helping Nonno Mario in the garden!

Here is my second dedication: To my family...I am one of the lucky ones who was raised by her grandparents...they have shaped me into the woman I am today! To my parents who have passed on strong family values, that I am passing on to my my lil' sister, Cathy who is my hero and the strongest person I know!

Family is Everything!

It is up to us to keep these traditions alive in our families today so that our children have something to pass on to their kids tomorrow!