Sunday, 2 March 2014

When a Door is Closed, a Window is Opened!

Hello everyone!

So sad the Olympics are done! It's amazing how a world can stop whatever they are doing and share a dream through an athlete's eyes. These athletes deserve to be at the Olympics because they have dedicated their lives to strive for excellence, to be the best in the world! I am so proud of all these athletes for giving their all, for inspiring our children to be future Olympians! Thank you!

Ever wonder why things happen in life? Why people suddenly come into our lives and unexpectedly leave without any warning? We don't realize until later that there was some lesson to be learned, and sometimes the lesson is hard to swallow!

I believe that even when a door is closed in our lives or a chapter has come to an end, there is a plan for us, a path we are meant to follow: our destiny!

When things seem unclear in our lives, when we can't understand why things are happening, this is the time to stop and listen, to pay attention to the signs that are trying to point us towards our path. Sometimes of course, we ignore these signs, and resist our destiny. This is when a series of events happen in our lives and keep happening until we are back on the path we are all meant to follow!

I feel that I am on the trail which will eventually bring me on my path. I am learning new lessons along the way, discovering a side of me that I never realized existed, and becoming the "best possible person I can be", even though I thought I was already that person...

The path ahead awaits...

Trust in God, trust in yourself...

You will know when you get there!

God Bless,