Saturday, 8 June 2013

Setting Goals and Not Sweating the Small Stuff!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good week!

Have you figured out what inspires you, what puts a smile on your face? Maybe, watching a movie like "Big Miracle." Doesn't this make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Doesn't a movie like this give you that feeling like you can be "the best possible person you can be...that you can truly make a difference, even if it's small?
   It can be as easy as setting a goal, passing on a new family tradition, or just doing something for someone without expecting anything but a thank you. I experienced this the other day at school when I expressed a wish to the kids that it would be nice one day if someone would bring the garbage to the lunch room without being asked. Guess what? Someone did? I was amazed that someone was listening to my words and felt compelled to perform this action! It wasn't the action itself that amazed me but the look in this child's eyes as I acknowledged his 'good deed' and how he was beaming from 'eye to ear'  as I congratulated him in front of his friends! He did the same thing the next day! Wow! It's moments like these that remind me why I became a teacher.
   I have many goals I want to accomplish. Small goals like cleaning the storage room and organizing my closest, challenging goals like running the 1/2 marathon next year and continuing this blog, and rewarding goals like creating this family book that will be passed on from my children to theirs.
    Be realistic when you set a goal. I find that if you set realistic goals, there is more of a chance to attain them, and less of a chance to be disappointed in yourself if you fail. Remember, this is for yourself! Don't worry if you didn't clean out the garage this weekend because it was too nice to stay inside, so you decided to go for a walk to the lake with your kids and teach them to skip rocks. That reminds me when I took the kids to the marsh one day and asked them if they knew how to skip rocks. Do you believe that most kids never skipped a rock in their life! Well, this was my opportunity to teach them this wonderful past time.
   I realized recently that I have so many things I still want to do, like volunteer at a retirement home and visit with the elderly and listen to their stories. They have so much wisdom to share and nobody to share it with. I guess growing up I was always surrounded by older people like my grandparents, or working at my dad's hair salon throughout high school and university. I remember being so touched by their stories, listening to their stories about being captives during the war. And yet, these wonderful people, with all the horror they endured still had something positive and encouraging to say to me. I remember the last time I saw the look in my grandmother's eyes before she passed away, she was telling me to have faith, to never give up hope, and that she will always be with me. I carry her strength, courage and passion for life with me.
   Whatever goals you set out to accomplish, 'give yourself a pat on the back', you took the first step to a better you.
   Since I started this blog, I realized how difficult it is to write creatively, and to figure out what to write about next week. My mind is now filled with ideas of future posts. I am not sure where this blog is going, but I hope my words inspire you in some way!
   Stay tuned for updates on our family book. I will post pictures of our progress, maybe I will share some family recipes with you, that can become favorites in your family.
   Remember, don't sweat the small stuff! Tomorrow is a new day, a new way to look at life, to inspire and become inspired, and to 'wake up and smell the petunias for the first time!
Thank you for all the views!