Friday, 14 June 2013

Things Really Do Happen For a Reason!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are making it a good one with your family and friends. This post is dedicated to my family, to my closest friends who are my family, and to my friends who are my second family.

Do things really happen for a reason? I ask myself this question often. I strongly feel that people enter and leave your life for a reason, when you need them the most and when your life is heading towards the right path and someone is there to ensure you remain on that path. What about the people in your life who are always there for you no matter's that unwritten rule you have with them...I am lucky to have many! Thanks for your support!

My mom told me the other day that my grandmother used to tell her when she was young that life is not a straight road all the time. It has turns and twists and obstacles and bumps along the way, but in the end, we end up back on the right path. My grandmother was a wise woman, full of love, compassion, courage, and encouraging words. She always had something positive to tell me even when all hope was gone. When she left my life, I felt like my heart was broken into a million pieces. I thought it would never mend, but it did with time. Bits of my heart was filled with the children I taught, years later my heart was filled with the birth of my children. I knew then that my grandmother left my life for a send me two angels from above!

Obstacles are part of life and I've had many, like I'm sure you've had. There were so many times that I wondered why things were happening to me. I didn't know at the time that I was meant to follow this path which led me here...

Did you know that we have pathways in our brain that have been created from childhood and determine how we process things, good and bad. Did you also know that you can create new pathways that will eventually replace the old ones, and eventually change the way you look at life?  CBT! Cognitive Behavoir Therapy! It works and I am living proof of it. Thanks to one of the most important people in my life today...Dr. Arnold Ein. I would have never believed it last Fall when he told me. Thanks Doc for believing in me!

Today, my thoughts are no longer filled with anger, regret, and sadness, but they are filled with thoughts for my next post, what I will bake this weekend, when I will run next,
and thoughts of what and who will inspire me next!

Twists, turns, bumps, goals in mind, new paths to discover, new friends and old, not certain of what's to follow, hesitant...take and deep breath and smile at the endless are on your way!