Monday, 16 June 2014

Happy Birthday, Lil' Man!

Hello everyone!

Eleven years ago today, the sun shone brighter than usual, the birds sang more beautifully than any other day, because a sweet angel was born! His name is Edmundo Eugenio and today is his birthday! This post is dedicated to you, lil' man!
Edmundo at 18 months old!

Edmundo is a miniature version of his great-grandfather! He has the wisdom of a man who has lived more than 80 years, just in a boy's body. He is often called an "old soul" by his mom and I. Sometimes, he teaches us life lessons!
Me & my Lil' Man!

Happy 11th Birthday Edmundo!

All the family singing Happy Birthday after Italy wins!

Zebra Cake, Edmundo style!

Edmundo, I just want you to know how proud I am of you. You are one of the sweetest, kind-hearted, respectful, courageous, and loving kids I know! I am privileged to call you my nephew! You are the mediator when Joseph and Michael don't get along and you seem to always find a way to resolves their issues. You are patient and caring towards your little brother, even when he drives you crazy! You are helpful and take the initiative when you see your mom is stressed!

Never change! Even when others change, even when others disappoint you, never let life's hardships take away your innocence, your passion, and your love of life.

You are destined for greatness! Follow your dreams and aim for the stars...

The sky's the limit...You only need to believe in yourself!

Love you,

Zizi Sandra