Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Anyone Can Bake!

Hello everyone,

Summer vacation is here! I have 8 weeks of focusing on my new found passion...BAKING! Yes, it's true...anyone can bake! I've been asked by many people to teach them how to bake. My response, "Can you read? Then you can bake." It's that simple. Until recently...

Recently, my husband has opened my eyes to food. He has me on this plant-based diet which requires me to eliminate all animal products! He is convinced this will help me with all my recent medical issues. I'm on board, the only problem is that I'm finding it difficult to bake with all these restrictions! Check out the documentary: website: (youtube 8 minute video) and decide for yourself!

I've been on vacation for 3 days and I've done nothing but bake, bake, bake...for the kids, of course...
Did I mention that I love to bake? Especially for others. This is my special way of showing the ones I hold so close and dear to me just how much they mean to me.

Cranberry Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
Anyone can bake, I mean it! You need the bare essentials: a stand mixer (my best Mother's Day gift), measuring cups and spoons, preferably stainless steel (another gift from my family), and patience!

Strawberry Banana Muffins
Patience looking for the best recipes, and boy there are plenty! The trick is to search for recipes from bloggers who are very detailed. Many of them display step by step pics of recipes that make baking very easy! The other trick I learned to to scroll down to the comments and see what people are saying about the recipe. I've learned many good baking techniques this way!

Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies

Other than that, you need one last ingredient...PASSION! Baking should never feel like housework...

It's an art form, a reflection and an extension of oneself, a way to express one's creative side...

What's stopping you, then?

Roll up your sleeves, dust off your mixer and get baking!

Bon Appetit!