Monday, 9 December 2013

Framily Moments To Treasure Forever!

Hello everyone,
I apologize for the late post...under the weather! This weekend was a nonstop party fest with friends and family...Framily! I was having this conversation with my boys about spending time with family and friends and one of my sons said, "Our friends are like our family, because we love them like our family!" I told him that he was an old soul. He was confused and I explained to him that he has the wisdom like someone who has a lifetime of experience and lessons to teach, but only in a kid's body.

Sometimes I wonder who is the adult and who is the kid!

I'm not sure what happens over the holiday season, but sometimes it feels magical, like anything is possible. This is the time of the year when faith is renewed and we adults have the chance to experience this special magic through our kids' eyes. This pure innocence from our children reminds us of our childhood Christmases. This weekend reminded me of my childhood and the special moments I spent with my cousins and family friends. Even though we are all grownup now and lead our own lives, it's nice to reconnect with loved ones. There's something to be said about strong family bonds. Time may pass, but the closeness and bond never disappears. It's almost like "you pick up right where you left off."
But what happens if you never had anywhere to pick up from? If the bond is strong enough, then you start from the beginning and make enough memories and eventually you will have enough moments when  it feels like you pick up "right where you left off." This Christmas for me is one of renewed faith, forgiveness, and framily moments!
The countdown has begun...baking nonstop until Christmas, buying presents for friends and family, sharing special moments with loved ones...

What is your Christmas wish? My son's is to keep only the Christmas lights on the tree and mantle, light the Christmas candles, make hot cocoa with marshmallows, and snuggle on the couch while watching a cheesy Christmas movie!
I'm there! Where are you?
Go make Framily moments with the ones you hold closest to your heart!
God Bless,