Sunday, 1 December 2013

My Mommy, My Hero!

Hello, everyone!

This week's post is dedicated to the most amazing, dedicated, loving individual I mommy!

It's funny how I didn't realize until last week that my sister and I refer to our parents as mommy and daddy! Seems kinda juvenile, doesn't it?

Not to me! Who are we to judge other people? When were we given the god forsaken right to pass judgement on someone we thought was less than perfect.

"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!" Jesus Christ

My mommy is probably the only person I know who if given a stone, would be able to cast it first, but she would never do it. Do you know why? Because it isn't in her nature to judge other people.

I never realized this until recently when our family's life changed forever, especially for my mom! The news was shocking and unexpected. What was more unexpected was my mom's reaction. There wasn't anger and resentment, but only unconditional love. The unconditional love that only comes from a mother.

My mom always puts her needs behind everyone else's needs. She never asks for anything, she always does her best to keep everyone happy. Does she get taken for granted sometimes? Yes, and I am guilty.

I want to tell my mom how much she means to me, how much I love her, and appreciate everything she does for me and my family.

I just love this!Mom, you are the strongest and most forgiving person I know. I hope that one day I can follow in your footsteps and be the person you are.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you, mommy!

You are loved, you are blessed, you are an angel from above...

My mommy, my hero!

I love you,