Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Doing the Right Thing or Not?

hard to do
Welcome back!

Did you ever find yourself faced with a difficult decision? A decision that could ultimately change your life forever? A decision that left you wondering and asking yourself, "Am I doing the right thing or not?"

I have... and many times throughout my life. I recently had to make a decision that was difficult since there were too many emotional attachments involved and years of wonderful memories to give up. I often struggled with this decision and asked myself if I was doing the right thing.

It was a long process that lasted almost two years before I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and told myself, "Everything happens for a reason." I made this decision more than a month ago, and though it has been difficult for me and the people involved, I realized that I was meant to begin this new chapter in my life...

Doing the right thing or not! Yes, I've always tried doing the right thing in my life. Decisions like getting married or getting divorced or leaving a job you loved after many dedicated years. Difficult? Yes! Yet, feeling a sense of peace after the fact...

What is it that makes us do the right thing? Our conscience? Other people's opinions? Wondering who this will ultimately affect? I think a bit of each. Then what makes us decide to not do the right thing?

Envy, anger, not wanting others to be happier than ourselves? Maybe...think about it and ask yourself if you did this recently. Did you get angry at someone in your life because you weren't thinking about their happiness but of yours instead? Did you resent them for making a decision that wasn't about you and your future, but of their future and well-being? If you answered yes, then ask yourself why are you not doing the right thing now? What is stopping you? Do you feel good about your decision? Probably not!

Life is too short...but not too short! You still have time to do the right thing and fix a relationship that will ultimately end if you don't do something about it!

Or maybe, this is meant to happen as hard as it feels and you just need to accept this unexpected turn in your life...

Things happen for a reason!

Twists, turns, ups and downs, the good and the bad, to inspire or to become inspired, setting goals and attaining them, back in the day, keeping family traditions...

You decide...