Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pay It Forward!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are busy preparing for Thanksgiving this weekend, well for those of us in Canada. Stuffing is prepared, cabbage rolls are made, pumpkin cheesecake is ready to refrigerate for tomorrow's celebration, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will have to wait until tomorrow since I forgot the ginger. You can't win them all! Though, I still have time to write my blog!

Pay It Forward ...This evening, I stuffed everyone in my mini van and we headed to church! Four boys all under the age of 12, my mom, sister, and myself. I was sitting listening to the Gospel and wondering what will I write about this week! And then, it came to me. Thank you to the priest in Elmvale for inspiring my next post!

He was talking about a movement I never heard about before called "Pay it forward." It started from a couple who were inspired by a girl with cancer that was fund raising to help other children with cancer. This couple decided to do random acts of kindness to three strangers. They didn't expect anything in return, only for these strangers to do random acts of kindness to three other people and ask them to continue these acts to three more people. Hence the phrase, "Pay it forward."

How great is this? If everyone would buy someone a coffee, help an elderly person with their groceries, or pay for someone's meal, and ask for nothing in return, except that they perform acts of kindness to three more people, our world would be a better place for our children.

Yes, I know, life is busy and stressful enough and you don't have time to be kind and think of others before yourself. But, we should make the time. Just like we should make the time to teach our children this important life lesson. Helping others less fortunate than ourselves, raising money for a worthy cause, and just being kind to random strangers.

So, this Thanksgiving, after you give thanks for all you have and count your blessings, make a plan to perform three random acts of kindness and keep this movement going: Pay it forward!

Maybe one person can't change the world, but one person in every family can make a difference!

God Bless,