Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mom, Just Suck It Up!

"Mom, just suck it up!" was said to me by my son Joseph the other day. Can you believe it? How dare my son talk to me that way? I guess I haven't been doing a great job at raising him after all...or have I? I was stunned when these words came out and realized that this time my son was teaching me an important life lesson! I also realized that I am doing my job as a parent and that it's starting to pay off. He has been listening to my constant nagging and preaching and is on his way to becoming a responsible, respectful, and empathetic individual.

As we already know, life can throw us one curve ball after another. It seems lately that I've had one thrown to me after another. Just as I get up from being knocked down, I'm down again. I keep telling myself that this is temporary, that I have a lesson to learn, that God only gives you what you can handle...

I was told yesterday by a throat specialist that nodules have formed on my vocal cords. This occurs when a person uses their voice excessively and improperly. Can you believe it?  He recommended that I try not to talk very much and also suggested I go to a therapist that will teach me to use my voice properly so not to further damage these nodules.

Being there for the children of the world, our children, and being a good role model is so important. They ARE our planet's future. We can learn from them, too. Live your life with the honesty, eyes and heart of a child. Never lose that spirit, never become bitter, always ask questions and always dare to dream.Hello, I'm a teacher! Kinda hard with preschoolers! This may be a blessing in disguise for me. I intend to tell the children that I can only talk in a low voice and that I need them to listen very carefully. This will hopefully discipline them to talk in a quieter voice. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Joseph, I will take your advice and try very hard to 'Suck it up!' when life gets hard. Thanks again for being the inspiration for this post!

The road has ups and downs and curves for now, but it will be straight again. Life is too short to stress over the stuff we cannot control. The best time of the year is just around the corner...bringing renewed faith and hope in all of us!

Have a glass of wine and toast yourself!